Thursday, 12 April 2012

Illustrator Workshop @ XPACE

This Illustrator (and some Photoshop!) workshop will teach you all of the "101" type things you need to know about these Adobe programs. Some specific things we're going to cover is how to set up a document, shape manipulation, photo importing, image processing, what all those keyboard shortcuts do, document layout and more. This workshop is three hours long with a break in the middle. We'll be starting at 1pm sharp, so be sure to get there on time! Bringing a laptop will be extremely helpful to each participant, but it's not mandatory. If you can buddy up with somebody else's computer and take turns trying things out, that would be good, too.

This workshop will take place on Saturday April 14, from 1-4pm @ XPACE Cultural Centre.

Q: What is this good for?
A: Your next gallery show invite, your zines and bookworks, posters, and other publications. It's also extremely helpful to acquaint yourself with Adobe software. A lot of the basic functions are similar and it will be easier to learn other programs if you already know one or two.

Q: What should I bring besides myself?
A: A laptop if you have one (with a mouse!), a notepad, a pen, and some coffee (no spilling).

Q: Can I contact someone if I questions before/after the workshop?
A: Yes, you can e-mail Carolyn here:

Cost for this workshop is $10. 

Please RSVP by email by April 12th to if you would to attend. 
We will cap the workshop at 16, so be sure to sign up early, as spots with go fast.

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