Thursday, 19 April 2012

Dip and Tie Dye n' Such Stuff Workshop

Dip into Spring!

Saturday, April 28th, 2012


We will be having a Dip Dye and Tie Dye workshop to make cooooooool new patterns, colours and styles for your clothes. Bleach your jeans for a ship wrecked look! Dip Dye an old blouse or buton up shirt to make a beautiful gradient! Tie dye some socks for a great addition to any outfit! You could even bring bed sheets, a tote bag or canvas shoes.....imagine the possibilities they are INFINITE

-Tie dye any kind of pattern with any combination of colours

-Use a spray bottle with dye for a speckled look

-make a simple gradient with any colour, or dip a coloured fabric into bleach

-Spray bleach onto black denim for a Galactic Look

We will provide coloured dyes (Dylon cold water dyes), bleach, rubber gloves, spray bottles and elastic bands for tying fabrics for tie-dye.

YOU BRING: any clothing item you would like to dye. Keep in mind that 100% white or light coloured Cotton works best for dyeing, but other fabrics that are ok include: Linen, Rayon, Bamboo, Silk. Natural fabrics are better as opposed to synthetic, although I have used synthetic fabrics in the past, they just don't hold as well.

***Workshop is dependent on weather, as we will need to bleach outside. Rain date will be Saturday, May 19th.

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