Tuesday, 3 January 2012

K-Town is looking for submissions!

Remember the rocking karaoke party XPACE had during Nuit Blanche?  Well the fantastic curators of K-Town are looking for more videos to add to their repertoire.  Check it out now!!

Deadline: Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 4pm.

Submission Requirements

Video and animation works must use a karaoke format, which involves scrolling text at the bottom of the screen to accompany each video, so that viewers can read the lyrics of each song while they sing.

Please see ktownart.com/artist_videos for examples of artist works in the K-Town catalogue.

Technical Requirements

Please use the following video formats to set up and output your video or animation:

-Videos must be in the 4:3 (1024 x768) or 16:9 (1920 x1080) aspect ratio format.

-The scrolling text for your video must reside at the bottom of the screen, filling up approxiamately a third of the total area.

-All videos must be submitted as high quality quicktime movies (with the file extension .mov).  Please use H.264 compression with the compression at 100%.

-Artists can use many different ways to strip the vocals from songs and use pre-existing
There are many ways to produce a video for K-Town .  Here are a couple.

The first is to create all of the content for the video from scratch.  That means that you make the video, synch the sound to it and then create the titles to sing along to in the traditional karaoke way.  Here is a demo on how to remove the vocal track on a song using the free and easy to use software Audacity.  This software doesn’t always work perfectly.  Adobe Audition is also capable of this.

The second is to choose a song from the site http://www.thekaraokechannel.com/store (there are many other websites like this too.  It is good to do a search).
You can browse through their selection of songs and pick a favourite.   Once you have made a decision, you can purchase the song for $2..  The .MP4 file consists of the music, a black background and the song lyrics. Once you have made a video to the song you can key out the black background and insert your original video. When browsing through the list of artists, you may click on one of the songs. Notice that you can select “play video sample”, which is the button to the left of the song title.  You may then click it to receive a 10 second preview of the song.  Some songs may have slightly different instrumentation.
If you have any technical questions please do not hesitate to contact us at ktownart@gmail.com.

-Please burn to a data dvd and mail to or drop it off to:

Meera Margaret Singh
32 Beaconsfield Ave.
Toronto, Ontario
M6J 3H9

The deadline for submissions is Wednesday, Feb 1st, 2012.

More Information
For further details and/or to see examples of K-Town videos please visit the K-Town website at ktownart.com.
Please send all inquiries to ktownart@gmail.com.

**Please note, this is a curated exhibition. While not all entries will be accepted, each will be carefully considered.

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