Thursday, 17 November 2011

Opening Reception @ XPACE

Join us for an Opening Reception on Friday, November 18 for our Window Space, Main Space and XBase exhibitions.

When: November 18 - December 10, 2011
Where: 58 Ossington Avenue, Toronto

Drinks and snacks will be served, with the artists mingling and available for conversation.

artist: Laura Paolini
title: 'I'm tired of being fucked.'

artists: Suzanne Caines, Steven Beckly and Lanie Chalmers
title: 'Love in Translation'

artist: Kuh Del Rosario
title: 'Synthetic Phenomena' 


Window Space:
Taking a cue from Jeff Koon’s recent legal troubles (he recently withdrew a lawsuit where he tried to claim intellectual property rights over all balloon animals) Laura Paolini explores some of the undesired aspects of a creative lifestyle and the absurdity of struggling for ownership or an ideal. Using inflatable rabbits, she references both Koon’s recent work and rabbits as a storybook symbol of innocence lost and the pursuit of the real. Paolini’s rabbits cycle through different states of inflation and deflation over the duration of the installation, investigating an unachievable pursuit.

Main Space:
Love in Translation is a series of multi-disciplinary works; all mediations on love, in all its varied forms. Representations of love as cliché in popular cinema is taken out of context, intimacy has its candour overthrown through monumental and material repetition, and the compiled memories of a family in conversation about divorce; each artist explores the malleability of human vulnerability, both candidly and publicly.

Synthetic Phenomena is an ongoing experimental process, where refuse, construction and building material off-cuts become sumptuous, delicious slabs of eye-candy. Through a cave-like environment, with cross sections of materials revealing the process of building as both ongoing and integral to the landscape created.

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