Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Ineffable Plasticity @ MOCCA

Some of the XPACE crew went around the corner last week to check out The Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art's most recent exhibition, "Ineffable Plasticity." Here is the first in a short series of posts about some of the work in the show!

Jordan Laura James Maclachlan, Unexpected Subway Living (2010-2011)

Toronto-based artist Jordan Laura James Maclachlan creates a chaotic subway train filled with an array of figures, from a woman giving birth and an ape mating with a lemur, to a baby holding a gun and a man performing open-heart surgery. Her emotionally-charged piece is based on her take on everyday life: “complex, contradictory, exquisite, and oftentimes tragic.” The chaos and detail put into every inch of the 10ft+ work keeps us engaged and each new visit promises the discovery of a detail overlooked the first time.



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