Tuesday, 15 March 2011



WHERE:    Steam Whistle Brewing

The Roundhouse, 255 Bremner Blvd., Toronto M5V 3M9,

WHEN:      This exhibition is running until Thursday March 31.

Free to the public

Abstraction has been the topic of heated debate since the early 1900s. As a means of representation, abstraction has been rigorously discussed and dissected by both the general public and the art community. I once heard a Professor at OCAD University says that “artists are like beacons of light—drawing light to issues that would otherwise be unseen and unheard if they weren’t there". Considering this truth, I was reminded of  the words of  Soëtsu Anagi in The Unknown Cratfsman, where he tells us that “to see is to go directly to the core”. The aims of abstraction in part are to depict ‘that core’ in driving us the viewer past the things that would keep us from seeing it otherwise. As conveyed in Art in Theory: An Anthology of Changing Ideas, ‘The history of painting  is a history of seeing’. Here, current students and graduates of OCAD University are exploring the essentials of abstraction in Abstract Implications .

A featured artist in the group exhibition, Erin Loree has been known for taking an uncanny route in representing  the essentials in abstraction. Much like a well-written poem where the author’s linguistic are beautifully synthesized together, forming a timeless poem, I’ve often if not always found Erin Loree’s works a beautiful fusing of both the uncanny and mundane. Her work in Abstract Implications again does not fall short of her reputation as a daring artist.

Give it a go!



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